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Publicaciones en revistas

Suriano, J., Mardonez, D., Mahoney, J.B., Mescua, J.F., Giambiagi, L., Kimbrough, D., Lossada, A., 2017. Uplift sequence of the Andes at 30°S: insights from sedimentology and U/Pb dating of synorogenic depositsJournal of South American Earth Sciences, 75: 11-34.

Mescua, J., Giambiagi, L. & Ramos, V., 2017. Los movimientos andinos de Groeber y la evolución tectónica de los Andes Centrales del Sur. Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina, 74(1): 49-58. 

Capítulos de libros

Lossada, A., Laura Giambiagi, L.,Hoke, G., Mescua, J., Suriano, J., Mazzitelli, M., 2017. Cenozoic Uplift and Exhumation of the Frontal Cordillera between 30° and 35°S and the Influence of the Subduction Dynamics in the Flat Slab Subduction Context, South Central Andes. En: Folguera, A., Contreras Reyes, E., Heredia, N., Encinas, A., Iannelli, S., Oliveros, V., Dávila, F., Collo, G., Giambiagi, L., Maksymowicz, A., Iglesia Llanos, P., Turienzo, M., Naipauer, M., Orts, D., M., Litvak, V., Alvarez, O., Arriagada, C. (eds.). The making of the Chilean-Argentinean Andes, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 396-418. 


Publicaciones en revistas

Mescua, J.F., 2016. Darwin y el relleno de los valles andinos de Mendoza. Revista del Museo de La Plata. Volumen 1, Número Especial: 158-165.

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Giambiagi, L., Alvarez, P., Spagnotto, S. Temporal variation of the stress field during the construction of the central Andes: Constrains from the volcanic arc region (22–26°S), Western Cordillera, Chile, during the last 20 Ma., 2016. Tectonics, 35 (9): 2014-2033.

Porras, H., Pinto, L., Tunik, M., Giambiagi, L., Deckart, K., 2016. Provenance of the Miocene Alto Tunuyán Basin (33°40´S, Argentina) and its implications for the evolution of the Andean Range: Insights from petrology and U-Pb LA-ICPMS zircon ages. Tectonophysics, 690: 298-317


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Capítulos de libros

Giambiagi, L., Mescua, J., Bechis, F., Hoke, G., Suriano, J., Spagnotto, S., Moreiras, S., Lossada, A., Mazzitelli, M., Toural Dapoza, R., Folguera, A., Mardonez, D., Pagano, D., 2016. Cenozoic orogenic evolution of the Southern Central Andes (32-36°S). En Folguera, A., Naipauer, M., Sagripanti, L., Ghiglione, M., Orts, D., Giambiagi L. (eds.) Growth of the Southern Andes, Springer Earth System Sciences, 63-98, Amsterdam.


Publicaciones en revistas

Naipauer, M., Tapia, F., Mescua, J.F., Farías, M., Pimentel, M.M., Ramos, V.A., 2015. Detrital and volcanic zircon U-Pb ages from southern Mendoza (Argentina): an insight on the source regions in the northern part of Neuquén Basin. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 64(2): 434-451.

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Rapalini, A., Tohver, E., Sánchez Betucci, L., Lossada, A., Barcelona, E., 2015. The late neoproterozoic Sierra de las Ánimas Magmatic Complex and the Playa Hermosa Formation, sothern Uruguay, revisited: paleogeographic implications of new paleomagnetic and precise geochronologic data. Precambrian Research, 259: 143–155 ( 

Capítulos de  libros

Suriano, J., Limarino, C. O., Tedesco, A. M., Alonso, M. S., 2015. Sedimentation model of piggyback basins: Cenozoic examples of San Juan Precordillera, Argentina. En: Geodynamic Processes in the Andes of Central Chile and Argentina. Sepúlveda, S., Giambiagi, L.,Moreiras, S.M., Pinto, L., Tunik, M., Hoke, G., Farías, M. (Eds). Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 399: 221-244.

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